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Debt Collection

Delay in payment and non-payment can seriously damage profitability for your business. At Coughlan White & Partners, we provide a cost-effective and efficient service to both our corporate clients and our private clients.

We tailor our debt recovery service to suit your business and our practical approach will minimise delays in bringing a solution to your outstanding debts.

Our experienced Debt Recovery Team provide a complete range of services on the control, management and recovery of debt to include:

Pre-legal Action to include letters of demand

IIssue of Proceedings in District, Circuit and High Court

Obtaining Judgment

Enforcing judgments to include defended hearings.

Registration of judgments

Lodgement with the Sheriff

Garnishee Orders

Order for Sale

Bankruptcy & Liquidation Proceedings

Obtaining Instalment Orders and proceeding for Failure to Comply with same.

Our current clients include Financial Institutions, Professional Bodies, property owners and Incorporated Companies and Sole Business Proprietors.

Our highly skilled Debt Recovery Team also have extensive experience in defending debt collection actions on behalf of our clients.

Our fees are calculated on a competitive flat rate basis.

To discuss your Debt Collection matters please contact us

If you would like advice in relation to any aspect of Debt Management, please contact any of our Specialist Debt Recovery Team below with your query or fill in our online form and we will call you back:

➦ Daniel Walsh, Senior Associate

➦ Imani Tutu, Legal Executive

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