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IMPORTANT– if you have been injured you must make a claim within 2 years of your accident. It’s recommended you act soon!

Medical Negligence*

If you have suffered as a result of what you believe was medical negligence*, it is essential that you consult with an experienced solicitor as soon as possible. At Coughlan White & Partners, we have experienced solicitors to consult about your medical negligence* claims case. We will enlist the help of experienced medical personnel to give expert medical opinions on the circumstances of your claim.

Medical Negligence* claims can be complex and are often based on the balance of probability but if a medical professional has breached their call of duty and caused you injury in the following areas there is a strong possibility that you have a medical negligence claim;

Not communicating risks involved in medical procedures*

Error in performance or administration of drugs during a procedure*

Delays in diagnosing injury source*

Insufficient follow-up care*

Where there has been an avoidable delay in the diagnosis of an illness*

When the results of tests have not been acted upon*

When errors have been made in the performance of a procedure*

When errors have been made in the prescription or administration of drugs When follow up care has been inadequate or ill-planned*

The value of your case will be influenced by factors such as:

The extent of the physical injury

Post traumatic stress

Loss of earnings and potential loss of earnings

Disabiing effects on quality of life & pain suffered

If you have suffered an injury, please contact us immediately as most Personal Injury* actions must be brought within two years of suffering an injury though in some cases the time limits may be shorter.

If you would like advice in relation to any aspect of Personal Injuries* or Medical Negligence*, please contact any of our Medical Negligence Specialist 

Team below or fill in our online form and we will call you back:

➦ Feargal White, Partner

➦ Angela Luxford, Legal Executive

➦ Jason Teahan, Senior Associate

➦ Daniel Walsh, Senior Associate

Contact us on 045 433 332 for expert advice in Medical Negligence matters

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